About the pilot coaching scheme

Our enjoyment of flying, and the ability to share that with others carries with it a responsibility to maintain good standards of flying and airmanship. The PCS provide Coaches to assist you not only with specific courses, but with any general training need. More information available here.


PCS Chairman and Head of Training Jon Cooke introduces the Pilot Coaching Scheme


Time to fly?

Statistics show that 20% of all homebuilt accidents happen during the first two flights and are usually caused by pilot error. The same is true of the first flight of any unfamiliar aircraft, whether it is a homebuilt, vintage, or microlight. You do not have to go it alone. The LAA has the Pilot Coaching Scheme - all coaches are current CAA and JAR-FCL certified Class Rating Instructors or Flight Instructors. They’re also your trainer, confidante and mentor throughout the process of you learning to fly your aircraft. Download leaflet


PCS e-Learning for LAA pilots

NEW: A Pilot Coaching Scheme interactive book is available for download. For those with iPads and iMacs with Apple iBooks installed, you can obtain your PCS companion resource for your 'one hour with an instructor' from Apple's iBookstore. This book will help get you up to date with sections on flight planning, meteorology and navigation, pilot maintenance, licensing, and the 'one hour with an instructor'. It is designed to allow you to focus your study before your flight, and also to provide discussion items and areas for further study. Included are a few 'Did you know...?' questions, and scenarios to get you thinking.


This is available from the Apple iBookstore, Google Books or downloadable as a .pdf


Find a coach

All coaches are CAA qualified Instructors and CAA 'R' Examiners. You can find your nearest coach by using the google map locations or PCS table. Find a Coach


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