NTC 01/12 Annual Update Resource
NTC 01/12 Annual Update Resource

Dear Coaches


May I start by wishing you all a prosperous 2012. You may already be aware that there is a significant drive towards reducing pilot error accidents within the UK. The LAA's ongoing commitment towards this has been a significant annual expense to ensure that you are properly supported and insured for the flight training which the Pilot Coaching Scheme offers. Further investment has been made to ensure that both new and existing members will be provided with subsidised flight training which will contribute towards improving safety within General Aviation.


Since we have secured this investment, it is important that we track the success of this initiative through submitting the paperwork correctly. There are a few things I would like to bring to your attention where the offer to new and existing members differ.


New Member Offer

Hopefully you will have seen the 'new member offer' which includes the Pilot Coaching Scheme. Please read Coaching Scheme Leaflet 3.10 (attached) This will be available on the LAA website in due course. This details the process by which the New Member obtains their free 'one hour with an instructor' and also how you claim your expenses from LAA Head Office.


Existing Member Offer

This has been announced in Light Aviation this month, and is aimed at existing members. The LAA have agreed to subsidise the ten pounds which is usually returned as a part of the 'one hour with an instructor'. This is different from the New Member Offer in that you must continue to claim your twenty-five pounds from the member towards your expenses - this will not be funded by the LAA. Please continue to submit your paperwork for these, as we are required by the CAA to keep a record of all training carried out.


Differences Training Labels

The CAA have supplied a number of 'differences training' labels for coaches. Each sheet contains ten labels. Please let Penny know if you would like a sheet or two posted out to you.


Standardisation Training

As a part of our commitment to instructor standards within the Pilot Coaching Scheme and our obligation as a CAA Approved Training Organisation, I will be arranging to fly with all coaches over a three year period in my role as Head of Training. This is to help keep you up to date with changes in teaching technique, ensure that you are properly supported in your role, and standardise our training. You may use your aircraft for this flight (PtF, CAA, or EASA), and if you are in the final year of your SEP and/or CRI rating validity, the flight may count towards revalidation of your rating. For assistant coaches, this flight will count as your 'upgrade' approval to full coach status. If you live a long way from the Midlands and will be attending a flying event locally please let me know, so that we can arrange this flight to coincide thereby keeping costs down for yourself.


Many thanks for your continued support of the Pilot Coaching Scheme.







Jon Cooke

Pilot Coaching Scheme Chairman

Light Aircraft Association Ltd