NTC 03/11 Differences Training for Coaches Resource
NTC 03/11 Differences Training for Coaches Resource

Dear Coaches


To assist coaches to develop and improve their skills, I intend to develop a weekend 'Differences Course for Coaches'. The course will consist of ground and flight training, to be conducted on aircraft that I can source. The aim is to complete your differences training in areas which you may not already hold, thereby allowing you to conduct training on a wider variety of aircraft. I expect the course to contain training on the following aircraft:


1: Europa monowheel

2: Variable pitch propeller

3: Retractable undercarriage

4: High Performance(140kts cruise)

5: Canard aircraft.


There will be a nominal charge for these courses. As a starting point, I would like to know if you are interested in attending, and which course.


Reply to:


will.greenwood@btconnect.com and copy penny@laa.uk.com



Will Greenwood

LAA National Coach