Coaching Scheme Leaflets
PCS Forms



The following documents are kept and maintained at LAA Head Office:


4.1 LAA Operations Manual Part A

4.2 LAA Training Manual

4.3 LAA Quality Manual

4.4 LAA Instructor and Examiner Guidance




Below you will find all the notes you need for the course that you choose.


If you have any questions regarding your course please discuss this with your coach or contact our National Coach (Chris Thompson). His contact details can be found under PCS Coaches List.


PCS Training


Please complete this online form with your coach if you are about to (or have done) your BFR or any other training with an LAA Coach.


Training Notification Form


Course Notes

CSD 1.0 Aircraft Owners Notes


What's Available to Suit your own Requirements


CSD 1.4 Type Conversion


CSD 1.12 Strip Flying Diploma and Strip Flying Conversion


CSD 1.6 Refresher



Documents for Coaches


* Coaches Briefing to Pilots for PART-FCL Class Rating revalidations - ORS No.1385


* Coaches Briefing to Pilots for UK Class Rating revalidations - ORS No.1378


Becoming a Coach


Coach Application Form


Class Rating Revalidation


Class Rating Instructor Revalidation


Revalidation Requirements


Area of Responsibility - who to contact


Safeguarding Vunerable Groups (We’re looking into what this means for LAA operations and will report in due course)


LAA Student Record