PCS courses

Below is a list of the courses available through the Pilot Coaching Scheme. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your local Coach, National Coach, PCS Head of Training, or the LAA Head Office for assistance.


Biennial Review and Class Rating Revalidation


Class Rating revalidation requires you to undertake a minimum of one hour with a flying instructor within the final year of the two-year Class Rating validity. The coaching scheme provides instructors who can help you fulfil this requirement in your own aircraft. Lessons are adapted to meet the pilot's needs in order to maximise the benefit of this requirement.


Type Conversion


If you're thinking of buying an aircraft, where do you go for a type conversion? The PCS has coaches who are experienced on a variety of modern and vintage types. Your Coach will take you through your conversion until you are competent on type.


Differences Training


Features which, when first experienced require differences training under EASA regulations and the UK Air Navigation Order are:
   Turbo-charged or Super-charged engines
   Variable pitch and Constant speed propellers
   Tail wheel undercarriage
   Retractable undercarriage
   Cabin pressurisation
   Single power lever control (SPLC)

 Additionally, for the UK National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL) SSEA class rating, differences training is required for aircraft with a cruise speed in excess of 140 knots indicated airspeed.


Renewal Training


If you have a lapsed licence, you can re-train under the LAA DTO to get back up to speed to take any exams or skill tests required to regain the full licence or ratings required.


Licence Migration


The PCS can assist you to upgrade your licence to a different type and also add additional ratings e.g. NPPL(M) to NPPL(SSEA etc.


General Flying Diploma - Theoretical & Practical Revision


Brush up your flying skills and theoretical knowledge. Increase confidence in your ability and your aircraft. This diploma refreshes your flying and brings your knowledge up to date.


Strip Flying Diploma


What do you need to consider before flying into a farm strip? This diploma leads you through both the theoretical and practical elements of farm strip flying. A fun and enlightening course for those who haven’t experienced this type of flying before.


Special Type Flying Diploma


Coaching for the LAA Special Type Flying Diploma concentrates on the achievement of high standards of flying skill in an aircraft type which is assessed by the LAA as having handling qualities justifying special skills, and which, accordingly, would not meet the handling qualities criteria required to qualify for a C of A. Coaching will also cover those regulatory, theoretical, and practical airmanship subjects which are necessary ingredients for safe aircraft operations.




Although we do offer specific courses, our coaches are available to fly with you for any flying training you may need in your aircraft. This can include revision of, for example: Practice Forced Landings; Circuits; Stalling; Navigation; R/T and more. Whilst we do not, at present, offer ab initio training, a number of our coaches are also fully qualified Flying Instructors and so may be able to assist with any training issues you may have.