3D designed and printed, (AIRCRAFT TYPE) homebuilt aircraft display model

With dominant die cast kits unavailable for these homebuilt types, this is an opportunity to purchase a display model designed and manufactured in the UK and now exclusive to the LAA.

The model comes unpainted, unassembled and will require basic finishing (sanding, gluing and painting) to fully customise the model to suit your desired finish and scheme. Perfect mini project for a rainy afternoon.

Tools Required:
1. Modelling Knife
2. Wet & Dry Sandpaper
3. CA Glue
4. Car filler (only a small amount required in some joints)
5. Acrylic based Primer Spray Paint
6. Acrylic based top coat (colour of your choice)

Note: lead times can vary but expect delivery within 14 working days.

The Models - Scale 1:32

1. Europa Monowheel
Wingspan = 258mm Length = 182mm

2. Europa Tri-gear
Wingspan = 258mm Length = 182mm

3. Jodel D.11 series
Wingspan = 256mm Length = 203mm

4. Eurostar SL
Wingspan = 254mm Length = 186mm

5. Vans RV-4
Wingspan = 218mm Length = 193mm

6. Vans RV-6
Wingspan = 218.5mm Length = 192mm *

7. Piper J3 Cub
Wingspan = 335mm Length = 213mm

8. Eurofox 912
Wingspan = 285mm Length = 176mm *

9. VANs RV-8
Wingspan = 228mm Length = 200mm *

10. A-22 Foxbat
Wingspan = 315mm Length = 196mm

* Available as both Tail Dragger and Nose Gear

Other models may be available upon request.

Price £35.00 including P&P

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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