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LAA WINGS offers you the chance to get more from your flying and, at the same time meets the requirements of the new CAA PROUD, Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development scheme, to improve the skill levels of private pilots. Developed in conjunction with the Light Aircraft Association Pilot Coaching Scheme, you can either use current experience or challenge yourself with developing new flying skills, to win BRONZE, SILVER Or GOLD LAA Wings.


Signing-up to the LAA WINGS scheme is free to any LAA member. The scheme is open to any other pilots too, although a £15 fee is payable to cover costs of administration.

Check out the requirements for the LAA Wings BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD awards and apply to the Light Aircraft Association for your LAA Wings now!

“We know that pilots who continue to develop their flying skills are safer, and there are many ‘add-ons’ such as the IMC, night rating, aerobatics, and instructor ratings that develop not only greater proficiency, but also far greater levels of personal confidence.

The LAA WINGS scheme also combats that loss of motivation and purpose some pilots feel after qualifying for their licence. Either working with your local flying school or our network of LAA Coaches, you can enjoy new challenges and gain new skills, putting the purpose and fun back into your flying on your way to winning a set of LAA WINGS.”

CAA PROUD Framework

LAA WINGS is designed around the CAA Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) initiative and is officially endorsed by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority as meeting the requirements of the scheme.

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