Aircraft maintenance

TL 2.19 Generic Maintenance Schedule


Before accessing the maintenance documents below, please ensure you have read TL 2.19.


Maintenance Schedule Check A

Maintenance Schedule 50 Hour Check

Maintenance Schedule Annual Check

Maintenance Schedule 3-yearly Check


Engine Condition Monitoring Programme:


Sample Engine Condition Monitor


Blank Engine Condition Monitor



Additional Relevant Documentation:


Index - where to find useful maintenance information


AC 43.13-1B : Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices


CAP 562 - Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Information and Procedures (CAAIP)


CAP 661 - Mandatory Permit Directives


Latest MPDs (not yet in CAP 661)


CAP 747 - Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness


Tips on Engine Care


Tips on Rotax Engine Care


Breaking in a New or Overhauled Engine


Engine Pre-oiler Schematic (ref June 2011 LA Magazine)


Blank Aircraft Worksheet