E5 Mogas

Please read TL 2.26 Procedures for use of E5 Unleaded Mogas to EN228 and then select the appropriate engine type link below for the appropriate inspection checklist.

Specific engine type documentation:

Jabiru 2200A

Jabiru 3300A

Rotax 2 Stroke

Rotax 4 Stroke

VW and VW Based

Additional Relevant Documentation:

TL.2.26 Procedures for use of E5 Unleaded Mogas to EN228

TL 2.20 Fuel Flow Checking

Inspection Checks - Fuel Flow

Rotax service instruction for 912/914 variants

Rotax service instruction for 2-stroke variants

Jabiru service letter


Placards can be downloaded here and require colour printing. Both placards would benefit from being laminated or laser printing onto waterproof labels, in particular the fuel filler placard which may be exposed to the elements. These placards may also be obtained on request from LAA HQ by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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