Ethanol-free Mogas
Ethanol-free Mogas


Please select the appropriate engine type link below where you will find information describing how to obtain clearance for an aircraft to use unleaded Mogas. For Rotax, Jabiru and VW engines, please see the E5 Mogas page.



Specific engine type documentation




Hirth 2 Stroke





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EASA Investigation on MOGAS

EASA has issued the Final Report of the Safety Implications of Biofuels in Aviation (SIoBiA)

This project was undertaken by the University of Aachen under a research contract to EASA. The Light Aircraft Association was represented during this project by Barry Plumb, who was a member of the project steering committee. All aspects of the use of Mogas containing biofuel additives were considered in the research programme and the final report from the project is now publicly available here. This is a summarised version of the SIoBia findings.



Cockpit placard

Fuel Filler placard


Placards are downloadable from the above links requiring colour printing. Both placards would benefit from being laminated, in particular the fuel filler placard which may be exposed to the elements. These placards may also be obtained on request from LAA HQ.