Flight testing aircraft

The following current flight test schedules are available for printing. These schedules are subject to change at any time and without notice. Ensure that the current flight test schedule is used otherwise it may not be accepted. For this reason it is not advisable to save these document on your computer.


Flight Testing Forms
LAA/FT-NEW New Builds, Major Modifications, LAA Transfer or Repair
LAA/FT-FIXED PROP Fixed and Ground Adjustable Propellers
LAA/FT-EIFA PROP Electric In-Flight Adjustable Propellers
LAA/FT-HIFA PROP Hydraulic In-Flight Adjustable Propellers
LAA/FT-AP Auto-Pilot Installations
LAA/FT-AEROS Aerobatics
LAA/CHKPLT Check Pilot Application
LAA/FT-VG Vortex Generator Flight Test Schedule
LAA/FT-ENG Engine Modification or Re-build Flight Test Schedule


Useful downloadable information for pilots conducting flight testing:


TL1.19 Initial Test Flying of an LAA Aircraft


Pilot's self-briefing safety checklist for first flight of newly completed aircraft 


TL2.06 The Annual Permit Renewal Flight Test


CAA Check Flight Handbook (CAP 1038)


TL 3.19 Auto-pilot Flight Test Guidance Notes


TL 3.22 Flight Test Reports


TL 3.23 Setting up constant speed propellers


Airspeed Indicator System Calibration Calculator


Climb-performance plotter


Example of an RV owner's test cards for flight testing his RV


Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook (FAA Technical Publication)