This section is intended to cover everything that happens once the aircraft is in a flying state.  From a technical point of view, the most import of these is keeping on top of the aircraft’s maintenance.  This is critical in enabling an owner to meet his or her obligation to maintain the aircraft in an airworthy condition.

Specific activities such as the annual permit revalidation, modifications and repairs are covered in separate sections.


For further information:


TL 2.01 A guide to LAA aircraft ownership (pdf 103kb)

TL 2.08 Travelling abroad in a Permit to Fly aircraft (pdf 105kb)

TL 2.09 Learning to Fly in a LAA Permit aircraft
TL 2.10 Operating on a Permit to Fly compared with a CofA (pdf 36kb)
TL 2.13 Operating a factory built microlight on a Permit to Fly (pdf 40kb)
TL 2.16 Accident reporting (pdf 98kb)
TL 2.17 Operating deregulated microlights (pdf 43kb)