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Standard Forms

Modifications and Other Changes


Issue 3


Issue 5
LAA/MOD 3 Issue 5
LAA/MOD 4 Issue 10
LAA/MOD 5 Issue 10
LAA/MOD 7 Issue 16
LAA/MOD 8 Issue 6
LAA/MOD 9 Issue 1
LAA/MOD 10 Issue 2
LAA/MOD 11 Application for a Repeat Modification Issue 4
LAA/MOD 13 STC Installation Issue 1
LAA/MOD 14 Application for Connection of GPS to Mode S Transponder Issue 4
LAA/MOD 15 Initial request for night/IFR clearance Issue 1
Permit Renewals
LAA/FWR-1 Permit Renewal Form (fixed wing)
LAA/GR-1 Permit Renewal Form (gyroplane)
LAA/FWR-1-Supp/Chipmunk Permit Renewal Form Supplement for Chipmunk aircraft June 2013
LAA/FBG/Supp-1 Supplement page to LAA Factory-built gyro revalidation form June 2014
LAA/WB (Imperial) April 2009
LAA/WB/MICROLIGHT (Imperial) Weight and Balance, Microlight version (Imperial) Feb 2017
LAA/WB (Metric) Weight and Balance (Metric) April 2009
LAA/WB/MICROLIGHT (Metric) Weight and Balance, Microlight version (Metric) Feb 2017
LAA/WB-Gyroplane Gyroplane Weight and Hang-Check Report Jan 2011
LAA/APP/Transfer-1 Transfer of a Used Aircraft to a LAA Permit
  51% Checklist
LAA/IC-FF Fuel Flow Issue 2
LAA/WS Aircraft Worksheet -
LAA/IC-APR Auto-pilot (Roll) Installations Issue 3
LAA/IC-APP Auto-pilot (Pitch) Installations Issue 4
LAA/IC-APY Auto-pilot (Yaw) Inspection Checks Issue 1
Flight testing
LAA/FT-NEW New Builds, Major Modifications, LAA Transfer or Repair Issue 12
LAA/FT-AVIONICS Avionics Issue 5
LAA/FT-FIXED PROP Fixed and Ground Adjustable Propellers Issue 8
LAA/FT-EIFA PROP Electric In-Flight Adjustable Propellers Issue 4
LAA/FT-HIFA PROP Hydraulic In-Flight Adjustable Propellers Issue 4
LAA/FT-AP Auto-Pilot Installations Issue 4
LAA/FT-AEROS Aerobatics Issue 3
LAA/CHKPLT Check Pilot Application Issue 7
LAA/FBG/FT-1 LAA Factory-built gyroplane check flight schedule June 2014
  LAA Self-Briefing Tool for Use Pre-First Flight of Newly Completed Aircraft