Paul : Postman
Dave Farmer

Paul the Postman


Paul was born into an aviation related family (the Moggs); his grandfather owned farmland at Henstridge in Somerset and during the war it was purchased by the Government and became R.N.A.S. Henstridge (HMS Dipper), which was used for training. Once the war was over, the family bought the land back and continued to farm it. Paul was born and raised in the family home on the airfield.


Paul decided to learn to fly not long after leaving school. His first lessons were at Compton Abbas in 1990 but he had a break before gaining his licence in 1995 while learning at the Shadow Centre at Old Sarum near Salisbury.


His first aircraft was an MW microlight which he acquired in 1997, before moving on to a Thruster, both of which he flew locally before deciding that he fancied something with more power and having the ability to travel further afield. He moved onto a Streak Shadow in 2005.


Paul now flies the Shadow from a local airstrip in Dorset. The LAA Permit to Fly system has enabled him to keep operating costs down by carrying out the maintenance himself, and he can not only enjoy flying to local airfields and fly-ins but also venturing to The Isle Of Wight, Cornwall and the LAA Sywell Rally, with ever farther horizons beckoning.