Rick : Tomato Grower


Living near Evesham, Tomato Grower Rick has lived in area surrounded by airfields all of his life.  He decided to learn to fly gliders first at Keevil, while living near Bath. In 1987 he had a trial flying lesson bought by his wife as a birthday present, and decided to get his PPL.  He learnt to fly powered planes at Gloucester in a Cessna 152.

He decided to build his own aeroplane, starting around 1990 with an aircraft called an Avid . With a friend they built the plane at Long Marston, and finished it in 1994. Rick joined and still belongs to the Gloster Strut.He and his friend flew all over the UK and into France. They often went on a tour as a group, flying about 6 Avid’s and Kitfox’s together with a group, visiting various airfields,and taking in the local sites and history.

In 1996 he bought his current aircraft you see here, the Glastar.


 With an LAA inspector this took 6 years to build “The tomatos needed looking after in between”he says – which slowed things up a bit, but all was finished and the aircraft was first flown in 2002. This LAA aircraft has enabled Rick to fly further afield, as well as enjoy about 40-50 hours of flying each year.