Will : Scale Model Flyer

Born in London, and loving all things mechanical, Will has enjoyed a career in automotive engineering as a car and truck mechanic. In about 1975 he and his brother started flying control line model aeroplanes, a hobby which grew into flying larger and faster machines, including radio controlled flying. He was later involved in forming a club at Wincanton, which later moved onto nearby Templecombe and their own land. And with friend Roger Pugh, he went started doing a bit of show flying and became a British Model Flying Association (BMFA) qualified instructor.

When Will’s wife unfortunately passed away, Roger bought Will a trial flight at Old Sarum aerodrome. He loved it, and decided to get his Private Pilots Licence. He learnt on a taildwheel converted Cessna 152, soloed after 11 hours and gained his licence in 2007.



In 2008 decided that microlights would be more cost effective and enjoyable and bought himself a Rans S-6. After a while he moved on to a Eurostar, which, with its improved creature comforts such as a heater, made year round flying more practical. He very much enjoyed the Eurostar, and did 70 hours flying in 7 months at one stage, visiting various fly-ins and local airfields.




With new wife Debbie, Will later decided to upgrade again, this time to an aircraft with more performance and baggage carrying capacity, as they enjoyed touring and visiting museums such as Duxford and the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden.

After looking around for a while, they bought a SportCruiser, which is on an LAA Permit to Fly. This enables Will to do all his own maintenance with the help of a local LAA inspector. He says “This way I can look after my aeroplane myself, keeping the costs to an affordable level, which means I can afford to fly more often!”