The Inspection System

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This provides contact information for all LAA inspectors and describes the scope of their approval. We have done our best to ensure all details are as complete and accurate as possible. However, you should be aware that approval details are subject to change from time to time, and some approvals may be discontinued while new inspectors might be appointed.


Not all inspectors are approved for all aircraft types, or for all situations. In particular, a few certain aircraft types are covered only by 'special' inspector approvals.


Owners and builders always take prime responsibility for the standard and condition of their project or aircraft. When embarking on a 'construction project' it is vital that a builder makes contact with a suitable inspector before work begins.


Your inspector will want to visit you, your project and your workshop at the earliest opportunity in order to assess the facilities and the working conditions available - and to have a look at you. In the case of kit aircraft he or she is going to want to examine the kit to establish its as it should be.


Your inspector should be happy to help with technical queries as they arise, and will usually be your first port of call in times of difficulty. Some LAA Inspectors are busy professionally qualified licensed aircraft engineers and will quite properly charge a commercial rate. Others may be keen experienced builders and in the best LAA tradition be reluctant to accept anything more than expenses. It is up to the individual aircraft owner and inspector involved to make their own commercial arrangements, and the LAA will not get involved in this aspect.


Further useful information regarding the LAA's inspection and airworthiness system can be found in LAA's Technical Leaflets (TLs).


List of Inspectors