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These are the inspectors listed:
Dave Silsbury
Insp. no: 394

Trevor Reed
Insp. no: 784

Rod Bellamy
Insp. no: 148

John Froud
Insp. no: 368

Ray Trute
Insp. no: 894

Roger Benson
Insp. no: 839

Stefan Heale
Insp. no: 524

Francis Moyle
Insp. no: 809

Ian Mitchell
Insp. no: 891

Ron Graham
Insp. no: 424

Robin King
Insp. no: 826

Mike King
Insp. no: 769

Miles McCallum
Insp. no: 602

Ray Harper
Insp. no: 672

Oliver Rowe
Insp. no: 888

John Sparks
Insp. no: 874

John Williamson
Insp. no: 532

No of inpsectors is 17
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