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Know the postcode of an inspector? Use this form to locate an inspector by postcode. You should only enter the first (alpha) part of the postcode (e.g. NN or B) without a number.


If you want a complete list of all inspectors (arranged in alphabetical order), just press the 'Full List of Inspectors' button, without entering anything.


To help you, a full UK postcode map is available here.


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Know the surname of the inspector?

If you know the surname of an inspector, enter this here. You can enter just the first part of the name, and this will find the details too.



Find an inspector on a map

If you select just the alpha portion of the postcode (e.g. EH or N) then we will locate the map at the approximate center of that postcode region (e.g. EH1 or N1). You can enter the full first portion of the postcode (eg: SO12 or MK42) and we will use that to display the map and inspector information.




Special Aircraft Type inspector approvals

For the types/classes listed below, inspectors must have specific authorisation. Clicking the button brings up a current list of LAA inspectors authorised for those types:



DHC-1 Chipmunk

Factory-built gyroplanes

Night/IFR aircraft